©2016 por Instituto Campana

Campana Brothers by Fernando and Humberto

Photo by Gabriela Bernd

Inspired on the work of the Campana Brothers, the documentary portraits their life and their world from their own perspective. Recent shootings in the cities of Brotas and São Paulo are added to the images captured in the last few years in their wanderings in the states of Ceará, Sergipe and Alagoas, during research and production travels together with other Brazilian artists. The duo incorporates in their work the idea of transformation, reinvention and integration of handicraft in furniture design and mass production, using Brazilian daily life materials in creative works in which simple solutions prevail.

The documentary rebuilds the history of the Campana Brothers based on an affectionate narrative, investigating references and life experiences that highlighted their work in the Brazilian and world design.


The film led by the artists revisits memories, histories, places and images that influenced the Campana establishing parallels between physical and imaginary spaces, between childhood and adult life, countryside and city, interior and exterior, exploring moments of individuality and complicity between the brothers.

The documentary directed by Gabriela Bernd, co-directed by Fernando Laszlo and produced by Instituto Campana was exhibited for the first time in the Milano Design Film Festival in 2016


Length: 22 minutes

Classification: Documentary

Rating: all ages admitted